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Published 1988-2000 semi-annually on behalf of the Sufi Movement International by the Sufi Movement in Canada.


Caravanserai Magazine 1990 No.4

Published semi-annually on behalf of the Sufi Movement by the Sufi Movement in Canada, a registered non-profit society. Editor in chief: Nawab Pasnak; Design & Layout: Sufia Sill;

Editorial Board: Virya Best, Ameen Carp, Joan Gaisford, Hidayat Inayat Khan, Nawab Pasnak, Karima Sengupta, Karimbakhsh Witteveen.

Dear Fellow Travellers,
Our fourth issue is concerned with three interrelated topics: symbols, the sacredness of art, and the 80th anniversary of the coming of the Sufi Message to the West.

There is a great deal that can be written about symbols and their use in spiritual teaching. From a certain point of view, though, everything in manifestation is symbolic, and the artist who knows this can produce art that will inspire generations. We are happy, therefore, to have an in-depth article by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan on the Sacredness of Art, but it cannot be emphasized enough that what he says is not for artists alone, or rather that, from Murshid's point of view, we are all artists. Although much can be accomplished through prayer and meditation and esoteric study, if one could assimilate this one article and put it into practice, one would instantly become an embodiment of the Sufi Message.

We mark the anniversary of the Sufi Message with two reprints from the Sufi Quarterly, one detailing Hazrat Inayat Khan's journeys during his stay in the West, and the other giving the first person accounts of several mureeds from the time of Murshid or shortly thereafter. These accounts are, naturally, highly personal, and show an interesting range of response to the powerful presence of the Murshid.

The next Caravanserai will be out in November of 1990. We are grateful to those who have sent us news of local Sufi activities. Please send us more — news, articles, art, poetry or stories. As we sit around the warm fire, listening to the words of many travellers, let us hear your voice, too.

Most hearty regards to all, and best wishes for your travels in the future, from the inn where Sufis meet...

Nawab Pasnak


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