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Published 1988-2000 semi-annually on behalf of the Sufi Movement International by the Sufi Movement in Canada.


1990 Volume 4. David Murray. "The Geometry of the Universal Worship"

The Divine light candle takes the prominent position on altar, at the back. Directly above it. Is visualized a small yellow globe. This is symbolic of the Divine Source.

Horizontally are lines which emanate from the divine light candle, at 90 to each other, to the corners of the altar, and project out into the space of the room.

A triangular space is created representing outstretched arms symbolizing unity and blessing from the Divine Source. It encompasses all those on earthly plane to relate them to the divine source.

The candles representing the various religions are located directly on the emanating lines. The Attending cherags are located just behind these lines. The Cherags, the candles, all support the geometry which is the all encompassing geometry of blessing.

On ground in front of the altar is a symbolic bowl. The bowl is a worthy symbol. It is receptor. It represents the earthly reception of the Divine Source. It is a point of attention and is to be concentrated on during the service of the universal Worship.
It is a point source of energy which grows and becomes very powerful during the service because of the attention and because of its geometric relationship to the symbolic divine source above the Divine Light candle.

One can imagine a direct line between the Divine Source above the altar and the Divine reception at the plane of the floor in front of the altar.

It actually represents a two-way transmission – the earthly reception of Divine Grace, and the Divine Receiving earthly attentions.

One can also visualize the gradual evolution of a pyramid over the altar. (see pic 6) the pyramid is one of basic geometric symbols for Unity.

Half of the pyramid is in the room and half is behind the altar, hidden. The top point of the pyramid symbolizes the Divine Source, or Unity. The base represents all that aspiring to Unity.

The manifest qualities of the pyramid are directly related to the receptor point of energy in front of the altar. The pyramid becomes more and more solid as the Universal Worship service progresses. It represents the strength of the Divine Transmission.

The pyramid solidifies as the receiving and giving intensifies over the course of the service. We can imagine the void over the altar becoming more and more solid with positive energy.

The Cherags devote their attention while sitting, or while reading to the point of the Divine reception in front of the altar imaging it becoming more powerful.

During prayers, the attention is placed on the point symbolically representing the divine source.

These attentions are essential for the energy to flow as it should.

The blessing at the end of the Service is given from the point of Divine Reception at the floor plane.

The blessing is given at the pinnacle of the energy build-up during the service. By this time a clear path has been created between the Divine source and the Divine Receptor.

A direct Divine Transmission of blessing occurs.

The Cherag imitates the geometry of the Universal Worship by creating a triangular space with the arms outstretched. The pyramid over the altar becomes full and the ideal of Unity is achieved.

The mystical qualities of the pyramid

The crystal cleanses, purifies, heals, unifies the pyramid and its invisible mirror image symbolizes the encompassing of all into one ideal.


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