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Published 1988-2000 semi-annually on behalf of the Sufi Movement International by the Sufi Movement in Canada.


1990 Volume 4. "Back pages"

Message on the Move

Murshid Karimbakhsh and Murshida Ratan Witteveen recently returned from a Sufi tour which included visits to Italy and India, where they lent their energies to the ongoing work there. At the same time, Murshid-Zade Hidayat and Aziza Inayat Khan circled the globe, stopping at New Zealand, Australia and India, [see 'Southern Sufis' for more details] After a brief rest, Hidayat and Aziza will be on their way to North America, to help focus the Rocky Mountain Sufi Camp in Canada. Upon their return, they will have little more than a month to prepare for the Summer School at Murad Hassil in Holland.

Southern Sufis

The Sufi work has been progressing quietly for years in the south Pacific, but the recent visit of Murshid-Zade Hidayat and Aziza appears to have pushed interest to a new level. In New Zealand, in addition to the established centres of Ameen Tonkes in Upper Hutt, and Salima Love in Plimmerton, the Sufi Movement now welcomes the centres of Halima MacEwan, 15 Percy Graham Dr, Tuakau, and Chris and Shirin Wheeler, 25 Lancaster Rd, Beach Haven, Auckland. It is also reported that another large centre in Auckland may be recognized shortly.

In Australia, the tiny volcanic island of Norfolk, over a thousand kilometres east of Brisbane, now has a Sufi contact in the person of Mrs. Gaye Evans, Minister of Culture for the area. Her address is 7 Lagstaff, Norfolk Island 2899, via Australia.

New Australian Rep

It has been announced that Hakim Oerton has been welcomed as the new National Representative for the Sufi Movement in Australia.

Hakim and his wife Hakima have a centre in New South Wales.

Hakim replaces Sharif Jansen who was the National Representative for many years, but has now stepped down for reasons of health. It was also recently announced that Sharif has been acknowledged by the Sufi Movement as a Murshid of the Inner School.

'Gandhi' to Play Far East

The Symphony Orchestra of Singapore recently acquired the score to the Gandhi Symphony (Op. 25) by Hidayat Inayat Khan, with the intention of adding it to the orchestra's repertoire. No performance date has yet been set.

More News From the South

On the 8th of September, 1989, when Mr. Gordon Oliver was installed as Mayor of Cape Town, he called upon the citizens to make theirs a city of love and light. The thoughts sound like those of a Sufi, and they should — two days later, Mr. Oliver was ordained a cherag in the Universal Worship. Congratulations, Cape Town.

The Sufi Movement has been active in South Africa for decades, and now has centres in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Potgietersrus. The same newsletter which brought news of Gordon Oliver also told of Magda Thesen's offering to the Universal Worship of African religions. In place of the Zoroastrian scripture, she read the following:

Hear all ye people: I am your father.
I am the one who shines even in the very centre of the centre;
I am the one from yesterday and the day before yesterday.
I am the one from here, and the one from there;
I am the one from there although I am here.
My name is Ever-Coming I still come
The Glimmering Glimmer;
The Beaming Beam; The Glowing Glow,
Right to the centre of my innermost
being is the glow.

We offer to the omniscient God our
reverence, our homage and our gratitude
for the Light of the Divine Belonging.

Summer School 90

The International Summer School will take place at the Universel Murad Hassil in Katwijk from August 5 to August 21. A comprehensive program has been organized, including work in all five of the recognized activities of the Movement: Esoteric Studies, Universal Worship, Healing, Brother/Sisterhood and Sacred Element Rituals.

The Summer School is principally for initiates, but from August 18-21 includes a seminar for interested persons. There will also be t days of retreat, on August 16 & 17

So far as possible, all lectures will be translated into Dutch, French, German and Italian. Some programs during the seminar will be given ii both English and Dutch.

The Summer School is very generously offered to foreign visitors for only the cost of meals, DG 20 for a hot luncheon and simple evening meal. Accommodation may be had in nearby boarding houses or hotel or in some instances with Dutch mureeds.


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