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Published 1988-2000 semi-annually on behalf of the Sufi Movement International by the Sufi Movement in Canada.


1989 Volume 3. Sharif Bryan Robinson. "Poems - Words of His Loving"

By Fire-Light

— from an admiring thought at tea

Beauty's quietness
falls all round the room,
and in the radiant silence
my heart breaks forth in song.

you were here.
We laughed and loved awhile,
and in Life's glorious music
Love's new song was born.

her joyous notes
ring forth their magic spell;
and all the boundless Universe
awakes with cosmic dance.

whose life we are,
of manifested thought in space;
the Lover true weaves patterns
of His earthly dreams.

heart's radiance pure,
and Joy, the very breath
of love sublime, enfold you
in Life's loving, mine.

my love and daily dream
in passing hours,
I look into His heart
to see your face among His flowers.

so from out
this Dream of Life may rise
such thought, such joy, such loving,
to make His Paradise.

Life's Caravan

The Caravan moves on,
The song is sung,
Its tale is told;
But in the quickened heart — Life's magic lamp —
Is left new life for old.

And in the sacred lamp
Love's gift burns on
To bless your way:
Immeasurable its potency — the food of gods —
The light to set you free.

Its fragrance is a bridge
By which the traveller
May cross with joy
To realms as yet unknown — by hidden paths
And sing Love's song with tone.

However dark the night,
Silent the way,
My song sings on.
In Him we find our part — and flowers bloom —
Within your living heart!

The Song of the Earth

The Summer Days are over,
And far have fled the songs of joyous birds.
Night air cools and chills the waters of the distant shores.
Moorland sheep draw slowly to the warmth of valley,
And see the gentle bubbling stream sing her evensong
And part in the twilight, united ever by her loving waters.
The lovely flowers close their eyes,
and cast their faces to the earth
That unseen and unknown be this bitter winter season.
The moon hides behind the shadowy clouds,
lest light awaken wounds of grief once more.
Even the owl alert is silent,
as heart's light is extinguished for the while.
And all the earth lies still,
awaiting dawn, another day, another spring,
When light and life awake again, and all hearts sing!

Psalm 30: 'Heaviness may endure for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning.'

Elected Silence

Fall now great Silence,
and pulse within this little heart,
Singing for ever
His radiant Song of Joy.
Within His Peace
springs like gentle waters.

In each I see
the shine of His Face,
And feel again
the pulse of His Heart;
For all the loves
expressed are but
Words of His Loving!


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